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    Frequently Asked Questions How do I do returns? Returns can only be done 14 days from the day the item was received. After this time period, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. Place the item in a none transparent bubble bag and place the shipping address on the bag with a stamp. Shipping NOTICE: if an item is late for the suggested shipping date, a refund would be submitted for the shipping cost. Which payment methods do you accept? Card and paypal. Do you have a custom jewellery department? All our product which provide this service is listed on our website. If you are looking for a specific design please E-mail us at narzjewellery@gmail.com What’s the best way to care for my stone? Caring for your jewellery can be quite challenging, here are some tips to keep your jewellery intact. Make sure you take your jewellery off when going to bed, coming in contact with water or humidity. Store your jewellery away from harsh chemicals and in a dry environment.If you notice any change to your skin where jewellery is applied remove the jewellery immediately and seek for medical advice.

  • Make your own | Narz

    Narz is a personal jewellery customisation service. We work with gold, silver, black gold, rose gold and real diamonds. Anything you can imagine we create from scratch. Contact us down below for a price quote and the description of the item you are interested in, we will get back to you instantly. Get a Quote Select a Service arrow&v Request a Quote Thanks for submitting!

  • | Narz

    NINE Rolex WATCHES TOMBOLA £1 ENTRY !!! Check out our amazing offers. They’re too good to miss! Shop Now

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